Pipeline Construction

B. G. Technical provides Pipeline construction and related services.

Our range of Pipeline Construction Services includes:

B.G.Technical Limited provides modification services for planned maintenance of pipelines, operational changes to pipelines, and most emergency requirements.

These services include;

  • Replacement of defective valves
  • Pipeline re-commissioning and de-commissioning
  • Sealing of redundant lines
  • Repairs of leaking pipe

Also, B.G.Technical Limited has developed specialist engineering services and procedures for all types of pipeline modification:

  • Valve fitting and Replacement
  • Launcher and Receiver Installation
  • Repair methods and Procedures
  • De-commissioning
  • Re-commissioning
  • Site procedures, quality, and risk assessment

The modification requires that the pipeline is restored to service as quickly as possible. BGT engineers are trained to respond quickly to unplanned modification work and where the pipeline contains hazardous material, such as hydrocarbon.

When it comes to the design, construction, and modification of pigging barrels, BGT engineers bring expertise from several years of pipeline work offshore, onshore, and in coastal wetland environments. BGT provides expert advice to pipeline designers and operators to help them put in place systems that meet safe operations requirements.

Our Services include:

  • Complete retrofit design and installation
  • Barrels doors/seal design and installation
  • New launchers/receiver systems to meet future maintenance and inspection projections.
  • Modifications of existing systems
  • Barrels and Barrel-door servicing
  • Seal Replacements and upgrades
  • Leak containment improvement/modifications

B.  G. Technical now offers vertical integration services (WELL, CONSTRUCTION & OPERATIONS) and in collaboration with our technical partners, the Construction unit offers services in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) to the oil and gas transmission industry in Nigeria.

Our core proficient services are;

  • Facility Maintenance, Rehabilitation, Leak Repair, Pipeline Replacement, In-service operations, and Cofferdam Construction.
  • Above Ground Piping Fabrications / Installation.
  • Land and Swamp Flowline & Gasline Construction, Sectional Replacement and Repairs (with and without cofferdams)
  • Inplot/Process Facilities Repair and Maintenance
  • Spools, Risers, Hook-up Arms & Manifold Fabrication and Installation
  • Marine Decks & Landing Jetties Construction and Rehabilitation
  • In-Services Operations (Cold and Hot Tapping Operations)
  • All Structural works with any welding process