Inline Inspection

B. G. Technical designs and executes the entire pipeline inspection service from pre-inspection cleaning to the delivery of reports.

B. G. Technical inspects pipeline pigging facilities, recommend and effect modifications if necessary. We also develop cleaning programs to prepare the pipeline for successful inspection. We recommend the inspection procedure that will best meet customer or regulatory needs.

Our inline Inspection Services include:

BGT Geometry inspection scheme includes;

  • Geometric data relating to pipeline ID
  • Records internal diameter and all internal surface variations
  • Passage proving prior to corrosion inspection
  • High collapsibility
  • Dents, Buckles, Bends, Ripples…
  • 360° coverage, multi-channel
  • High-Resolution Caliper “Deformation”
  • 6” to 42” Available

BGT Caliper Tools Properties

  • 35% collapsibility
  • 1.5D back to backbends
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-channel Geometry
  • 4 odometer wheels
  • Bi-directional capability
  • Built-in transmitter
  • 75+ hour inspection time
  • 0 to 10 mph run velocity
  • 150+ miles range

BGT MFL inspection scheme includes;

  • High-resolution MFL inspection tool
  • Internal/external discrimination sensors
  • Hall-type sensors
  • Odometer wheels, a pendulum, and a marker system are used for locating anomalies
  • Available Sizes: 3″ to 42”
  • Wall Thickness (5 to 25 mm)
  • Ferrous Pipe Only
  • Qualitative Measurement

BGT Ultrasonic Testing scheme includes;

  • Liquid Medium
  • 60mm Wall thickness
  • High Accuracy/Specification
  • Direct measurement (quantitative)