Pigs Manufacture

BGT Sister company, Pipeline Pigs and Accessories Limited (PPA), is a Nigerian based company established in 2002 to cater for the pigging products needs of pipeline owners and operators in Nigeria and beyond.

Located in the eastern parts of Nigeria, PPA technologies are among the best obtainable in the industry and has the advantage of intellectual and practical support from years of pig manufacturing experience of its core staff and its foreign partner Knapp Polly Pig of USA-the leading and highly professional pig manufacturing company worldwide. PPA products are used in Nigeria, other African countries, Europe, and the Middle East.

PPA continues to improve, adapt and customize its products to meet the challenges presented by the dynamics of the pipeline industry while also being socially responsible to its immediate environment and involvement in civil projects that promote the well-being of the people in it. A commendable portion of

PPA revenue is channeled into personal development and networking with partners across the globe. This ensures that PPA products conform to set industry standards. PPA is NIS ISO 9001:2000 certified; its quality management system and procedures keep abreast of developments and exchange of ideas in the industry. Our range of Pigs includes:

Manufactured from Open-Cell, polyurethane foam, our foam pigs can be supplied uncoated, elastomer coated, Silicon Carbide coated, Wire Brush coated, or in a combination of any coating type.

Available densities are low density (1 – 2lb/ft3), medium density (5 – 8lb/ft3) and hard density (9 – 10lb/ft3). All densities can be supplied in sizes 4” to 40”.

Our cup and / or bi-di pigs are made of polyurethane elastomer and carbon steel components. Optional components are brushes, magnets and gauging plates depending on particular pigging objectives.
Transmitter cavities are a standard feature in all our cup or bi-di pigs. The steel mandrel is processed and coated to be long-lasting and corrosion resistant.

Stainless steel can also be used according to customer’s request.

In addition to building specially designed pigs according to customers’ design, we also supply special designs like the Foam Disc Pig which offers the pipeline operator a pig with the sealing ability of a disc pig and the flexibility of a foam pig.

We also have Nome cast pig that is designed to accommodate impact logger and odometer wheels for use in applications where the strength of a cup or bidi pig is needed without metal component.