BGT IMS Policy Statement

BGT IMS Policy Statement

BG Technical Limited and its affiliate/agent is committed to satisfying our customers and interested parties by offering services which conform to the requirement in compliances with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018, the quality, environment, health and safety regulations, and other legislative requirements to ensure continual improvement of our business.

BG Technical Limited demonstrates a high level of quality, environment, occupational health, and safety (OH&S) performance through the reduction of OH&S risks and enforcement of OH&S opportunities. The safety and health of its employees is a primary concern as safety is a core part of our operations.

BG Technical Limited acknowledges its responsibility towards establishing and monitoring safety objectives and targets to promote continual improvement. BG Technical develops and fosters a safe work culture among its employees. It advocates a better work environment through the prevention of pollution, workplace accidents, injuries, ill health and policies to
ensure the necessary conditions for work.

Considering its operations as regards to the health, safety, and environmental requirements and standards, BG Technical Limited is guided by the following principles:

  • To recognize safety as the fundamental bedrock in carrying out its operations.
  • To engage its employees in participating, developing, and maintaining a safe work culture within the organization by creating health, safety and environmental awareness through programs, and training both internal and external in relation to the organization’s activities and processes.
  • All BG Technical employees, contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and those who perform work on our behalf must comply in accordance with the appropriate health and safety regulations and all other legislation relevant to the work being undertaken.
  • To ensure identified hazards are eliminated and reduce OH&S risks implement the best management practices within the entire scope of our operations.
  • To minimize the rate of workplace accidents and strive for the highest level of health, safety and environmental performance.


B.G Technical Limited is a provider of Inline Inspection Services, Commissioning Services, Pipeline Pigging Services, Chemical De-Waxing and de-scaling Services, Pigging Barrels Production, Supply and modification Services, Process Safety and Security Systems Services, and Well and Wireline Services to the onshore, swamp and offshore sectors of the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

Our scope covers our offices in Port Harcourt at 149 Trans Amadi Industrial Layout, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


Details on these services are as follows:

  •  In-Line Inspection Services( Intelligent Pigging)
  • Impact Data Logger Service;
  • Multi-Caliper Service;
  • Thickness and Corrosion Service.
  • Commissioning Services
  • High Pressure, High-Volume Pumping;
  • Leak Testing;
  • Vacuum Drying;
  • Hydro-Testing;
  • Nitrogen Drying;
  • Inerting;
  • De-watering;
  • Chemical Injection;
  • Product Isolation/ displacement;
  • Baseline Survey.
  • Pipeline Pigging Services
  • Pigging Project Planning and Execution;
  • Pipeline Commissioning;
  • De-scaling, De-sanding & De-waxing.
  • Chemical De-Waxing and De-Scaling Services
  • Cleaning of gas and oil lines;
  • De-scaling of heat exchangers, chillers, and pipes;
  • Removal of wax/paraffin from wells, and pipelines;
  • Open up of plugged flow lines, pipelines, wells, and any other.
  • Pigging Barrel Production, Supply, and Modifications
  • Complete retrofit production and installation;
  • Barrels doors/seal production and installation;
  • New launchers/receiver systems to meet future maintenance and inspection projections;
  • Modification of existing systems;
  • Barrels and Barrel-door servicing;
  • Seal replacement and upgrade;
  • Leak containment improvement/modification.
  • Process Safety and Security Systems Services
  • Installation of Valve Key Interlock Systems;
  • Installation of Valve Anti-temper Locks (ATL);
  • Installation of “Sure Guard” for Flange and Nut Protection;
  • Installation of “V- protector”;
  • Installation of Security Assurance Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SASCADA) Systems.
  • Well Services
  • Wireline Services
  • Cased Hole Logging;
  • Open Hole Logging;
  • Perforations(Casing and Thru- Tubing);
  • Saturation Logging;
  • Production Logging;
  • Mechanical Services;
  • Pipe Recovery Services.
  • High-Pressure Pumping
  • Stimulation;
  • Sand Control;
  • Well Kill;
  • Miscellaneous pumping.

BGT Quality Management System is established and implemented to ensure customer satisfaction in the company services as well as comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

The sub-clause 8.3 – Design and Development of Products and Services as contained in NIS ISO 9001:2015 is not addressed in this Quality Manual since the Pipeline Commissioning, Process, Well Services, and allied services provided by BGT is applicable to already made designs.